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Procurement Act

Effective July 1, 2003 - Threshold Amounts Effective July 1, 2010

Sole Source Purchases


Permitted when there is only one economical source for the good or service.

Intent to purchase on a sole source basis must be advertised in an electronic Procurement Bulletin at least 14 days prior to issuance of the award

Department Considerations

Department must plan purchases in consideration of the additional time that will be needed to process legitimate sole source transactions due to the advertising requirement.

Department must submit a justification letter that is detailed and sufficient enough to withstand a challenge by others. A difference in price between potential suppliers, in and of itself, is not justification for a sole source purchase.

Department should consider that if a challenge to a requested sole source procurement is found to be warranted, the purchase transaction may be withdrawn as a sole source and have to be handled under a bid/RFP solicitation process resulting in further delay in completing the transaction.

Department should consider that posting of intent to make a purchase as a sole source on the Procurement Bulletin will provide increased exposure to a challenge of this method of source selection by other suppliers.

If there is a question of whether or not a sole source purchase is warranted, the department should contact the Purchasing Division buyer before submitting their request.

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