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Procurement Act

Effective July 1, 2003 - Threshold Amounts Effective July 1, 2010

Electronic Procurement Bulletin


Notice of various transactions must be published in a publicly accessible electronic Procurement Bulletin.

Notice must be published in the Procurement Bulletin at least 14 days prior to any award on the following transactions:

  • Competitive bid/RFP solicitations for equipment, commodities, and general services (excludes Professional & Artistic Services and Construction) at the $51,300 level.
  • RFP solicitations for Professional & Artistic Services at the $20,000 level
  • Solicitations for Constructions, including construction-related services, at the $72,000 level.
  • Intent to purchase any equipment, commodity or service on a sole source basis.
  • Notice of transactions that are considered to be a renegotiated contract or change order.

Notice must also be published in the Procurement Bulletin on the following transactions:

  • Awards issued for any of the transactions that must be advertised on the Procurement Bulletin, including transactions that are considered as renegotiated contracts and change orders. Award notice must include rationale if lowest bidder by price is not being accepted
  • Emergency purchases with the notice to include total cost, description, and rationale.
  • Notice of the exercise of renewal options on real property leases must be published 60 days prior to the exercise of the option.
Department Considerations

Department must provide sufficient information for each category of purchase in order to avoid delays in the Purchasing Division's ability to advertise the transaction. (See other topics for more information)

Department must plan purchases in consideration of any extra time that is necessary to meet the applicable advertising requirement.

Department must consider that transactions previously exempt from any advertising requirement such as: sole source purchases, Professional and Artistic Services, and renewal of real property leases, will take longer to complete than in the past.

Department must consider that our purchase intentions will be more accessible to potential bidders and may increase the number of bid/RFP responses that have to be evaluated.

Department must consider that proposed sole source purchases will be subject to greater public scrutiny and that justification information to support such purchases must be sufficient to address any challenge to this method of source selection.

Department must provide sufficient back-up justification and documentation when the lowest bidder by price is not being selected since this information will be needed to advertise the award and complete the transaction.

Department must track the expiration dates on real property lease agreement and submit information regarding renewal of such leases in time to permit the required length of advertisement prior to renewal.

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