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Instrument Repair Procedure

  1. Get an estimated repair Quote from the Vendor.
  2. Use Reaction to create a Purchase Request, include the Quote, and state that the amount is an estimate.
    1. What if the Quote proves to be too high? Advise Michelle Davis as soon as possible for the PO to be modified
    2. What if the Quote proves to be too low? No action needs taken as the vendor should only invoice for actual costs and POs cannot be reduced.
  3. Once you have a PO from the SCS Procurement staff, schedule repair/ship item to vendor for repair and reference the Purchase Order.
  4. Vendor evaluates cost of repair and maybe issues a revised Quote.
  5. Add revised Quote to Purchase Request on Reaction.
  6. Vendor performs the repair.
  7. Vendor sends Invoice to the University for amount of revised Quote.

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