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Procurement Responsibilities

Reviews payment on Internal and Regular Purchase Orders; Review Receiving Reports for accuracy; process and review Purchasing Activity Reports; advise on Procurement sources; gather specs/and or detailing requirements needed for bid/RFP documents; detail basis for not accepting lowest price offers on bid/RFPs.

Place orders; expedite orders, resolve problems with shipping, receiving, back orders, etc.; arrange for returns and replacements on orders that were received incorrectly or damaged; advise faculty and staff on department, campus, and state purchasing policies and procedures; verify monthly obligations.

Changes in Cash Purchases Policy
, effective January 1, 2018
TEM Cash Reimbursement Request Form (not to be used for meals or travel)

Changes in Procurement Procedure, effective July 1, 2010

Sealed Bid Specifications

University of Illinois Business and Financial Policies and Procedures Manual (OBFS)

Methods and Steps for Procurements

Travel and Reimbursements

Process vouchers paying honorariums, reimbursements, entertainment, seminar speakers, consultants, and subscriptions; process Travel Vouchers; handle petty cash reimbursements; type sales invoices; deposit reimbursement checks into accounts; route Business Office mail.

Useful Information

  • Procurement Act Effective July 1, 2003 - Departmental Issues
  • Fisher and VWR are the Prime Preferred/Contracted Vendors. We receive generous discounts on most of the items Fisher/VWR carries as well as items that they distribute for other companies. The discount varies depending on the item. You can visit the web sites at and
  • The prices you will see on their web sites are NOT what we pay. To get our price, write down the catalog number and contact the Business Office (scs-procreimb [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu).
    • The School of Life Sciences Storeroom has a Fisher/Promega Enzyme Freezer located in CLSL room 107C with approximately 40 items on hand.
    • Life Sciences Storeroom also has a Gibco/Life Sciences Enzyme Freezer with approximately 50 items on hand.
  • For repair and calibration of balances, and microscopes not covered under warranty or covered under a service agreement you must have a PO number before work is scheduled if work is to be performed onsite. This is done by submitting a Purchase Request in Reaction with a quote from the vendor – which is required for any service performed on campus. If equipment is being sent in for repair, it is possible that the company will accept credit cards for payment and a PO number will not be necessary. It generally takes 5-7 days to get a PO number so allow time.

    For balance repairs/calibration within Chemical Sciences, please contact SCS Electronics Shop. For balances outside of Chemical Sciences, please contact Bill Flesher in Life Sciences Electronics Shop (217-244-3479 or wflesher [at] illinois [dot] edu). Balances for classrooms take precedence over balances in labs.
  • School of Chemical Sciences Standing Purchase Orders are managed by Michelle Davis at 300-3376 with questions on setting up a Standing PO.
  • Instrument Repair Purchasing Procedure
  • There are no standing orders with local businesses. If you need to make local purchases, please submit a purchase request with procurement and we'll place the order.
  • Procurement & Travel Information of Possible Interest - useful information to know (petty cash, UIUC milage reimbursement rate, web vendor purchases, etc.)
For small-to-medium equipment purchases (under $5K) typically a quote is not needed but can be asked for at any given time if deemed necessary by Purchasing. For orders over $5K a quote will be required. Any order that exceeds the bid limit will require either Sole Source or Bid specs to be completed. Information on these purchases is available on this site.

Business Office
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Please send comments and suggestions to:
scs-procreimb [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu

For accounting and grants questions, contact
scsgrants [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu