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Mary Smith
Mary Smith
Interim Director
msmith82 [at] illinois [dot] edu

State Accounts
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Synopsis of SCS Business Office Divisions

Accounting Personnel

Proposals (All Agencies)
Post-Award (NSF)
photo of Anita Boone
Anita Boone
aboon2 [at] illinois [dot] edu
Proposals (All Agencies)
Post-Award (DOD/DOE)
Kara Haley photo
Kara Haley
haleykl [at] illinois [dot] edu
Proposals (All Agencies)
Post-Award (ICR Accounts and Private Agencies)
photo Susan Mynatt
Susan Mynatt
slosterb [at] illinois [dot] edu
Proposals (All Agencies)
Post-Award (NIH)
Holly Spinner
Holly Spinner
hspinner [at] illinois [dot] edu

Service Facility Financial Services

Assistant Director of Self-Supporting Facilities
photo Brian Fulton
Brian Fulton
bfulton [at] illinois [dot] edu
Data Systems
Service Facility Accounts
Karri Cagle
Karri Cagle
kcagle [at] illinois [dot] edu

Procurement, Reimbursements and Travel Personnel

Michelle Davis photo
Michelle Davis
madavis2 [at] illinois [dot] edu
photo of Julie Wallen
Julie Maze
vance2 [at] illinois [dot] edu

Photo coming soon

Christi Johnson
ingleman [at] illinois [dot] edu


Reconcile and distribute monthly financial statements; deposit gift funds; reconcile Pcard credit cards; process budget and expenditure transfers; set up new accounts; process sponsored project proposals & prepare/review budgets; coordinate all other pre-award and post-award sponsored project activity; prepare miscellaneous financial reports; process technical testing agreements; maintain current/historical account files.

Service Facility Financial Services

Counsel self-supporting facility directors during the charge rate review and establishment process for billable activities. Formulate enterprise budgets and interpret pertinent regulatory guidelines. Provide expenditure projections and forecast financial trends for funding portfolios. Provide financial status to School Service Facility Committee as needed and at annual meetings. Tailor financial management of funding portfolios based on knowledge of individual service facility specialized billable activity fields. Advise facility directors and school management toward a recommended course of action on governmental costing regulations.

Procurement, Reimbursements and Travel

Process orders; expedite orders, resolve problems with shipping, receiving, back orders, etc.; arrange for returns and replacements on orders that were received incorrectly or damaged; advise faculty and staff on department, campus, and state purchasing policies and procedures. Process requests for reimbursements, seminar speakers, consultants; process petty cash reimbursements; deposits reimbursement checks.

Database Systems

Process data from gas cards and carryall cards. Distribute monthly storeroom and service facility vouchers and telephone toll sheets. Maintain copier accounts and passwords for SCS copiers.

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