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SCS WEB-ordering FAQs

Can I access this system off-campus?

Yes, however you will need to use a VPN client. Consult CANS if you have questions about installing a VPN client.

I am away from my computer and need to approve an order. What do I do?

Contact the SCS Business Office (217-333-3858 or 217-333-1235). With your authorization the order can be approved.

How do I change/update my delivery address?

Login to the system. In the top shaded Welcome area select "Update your information".

I am a PI on accounts, how do I learn what the alias/index code is?

Login to the system. From the left menu tree, select CORE. Next select "Manage My CFOPAS". Your alias/index code is listed in the 2nd column.

How do I see orders for others in my group?

A group must first be established by your professor or responsible approver of an account.

Login to the system. From the menu tree at the left, select PROCUREMENT. Next select FIND PURCHASE REQUESTS. From this screen select "Show all purchase requests for my group".

I am a PI or a responsible approver on an acount. How do I create a group?

Login to the system. From the menu tree at the left, select USER. Next select, GROUPS. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to "Create a group".

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